Welcome to my blog “Life as nsroot”.

My name is Jan Tytgat, born in 1982 and living near Bruges in Belgium. I’ve been active since 2005, initially as a system engineer before becoming a virtualization and networking consultant. In 2014 I decided to become an independent contractor, before getting involved with SAM Office in the Netherlands as a partner, and now as Managing Director and Senior Consultant at CoreLayer.

Since 2009, I’ve been digging into the highs and lows of Citrix ADC, formerly (and lovingly) known as NetScaler. As Citrix ADC often is a central piece of networking equipment, being an ADC consultant often requires integration with a lot of other infrastructure and/or applications, ranging from L2 to L7.

This blog is an attempt to slowly collect all my knowledge, bits and bytes, snippets and thoughts on all things in my life as nsroot.

I hope you will find something new and exciting reading through all of the content.